Veronica is a boutique photo and video studio in Brooklyn New York. It was built by photographers, so we have everything you need. Ready to go. Our cyc measures 19’W x 26’D x 13’H with curves at the top and bottom. We are conveniently located on the ground floor with a private entrance and our garage door opens all the way to 10’ x 12’ for maximum ease loading and unloading.  Veronica is equipped with a 200amp distro box for all your lighting needs. The studio comes with 2x full glam stations as well as folding tables and chairs for workspace and crew meals. All productions have access to our self-service coffee machine, filtered water station as well as in house stereo system. Download Floorplan here.


Let us help you produce your next shoot. From pre to post production, Veronica has the experience and equipment to realize your creative vision.


Whether on studio or on location, Veronica has the equipment you need for your production.


Get in touch and see why Veronica is right for your next production.